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Orion Construction Services was founded in 1996 to provide the community with the highest quality professional construction services available. Our trained team of construction specialists brings over 20 years of experience to each of our jobs with consistency, reliability, and quality the top priorities.

We don't believe in rushing through a job to get it finished, but we also don't believe that slow work equates to quality. We strike a fine balance between the two by efficiently planning each job before construction begins and finding new ways to optimize the construction process.

We work on both private and commercial construction projects and provide the same level of service and quality to each individual client. So, come to us with your ideas, blueprints, or renovation project, and we’ll work to bring you the professional results you need.

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Our team of certified specialists has the experience necessary to get the job done right. We offer a wide variety of construction services to meet the needs of any residential or commercial project.


Design & Build

Bring us your ideas, and we'll make them a reality. Our in-house architect and designers will add the professional touch necessary to make sure your project is completed without any problems. We work to optimize our workflow throughout to ensure we keep quality standards high while maintaining low construction periods.

After the design process, the plans are given to our construction team so they can get to work almost immediately. Throughout the construction process, clients are kept in the know about the project’s process, potential issues that need to be corrected, and updated timelines of the building schedule.

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Orion Construction Services provides exceptional carpentry services for any project big or small. We pride ourselves on consistently meeting regulatory requirements and building codes to ensure your project is safe and reliable for years to come.

Our team of carpentry specialists is committed to providing the community with quality work built to stand the test of time with an exceptional customer experience that leaves our clients worry-free knowing that their carpentry project is completed the right way the first time around.

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General Building

Orion Construction Services offers general building services for any size project. We work on building projects both private and commercial and our team of building specialists work to ensure that every structure we build meets the latest safety and building code regulations.

From schools and hospitals to retail stores and office buildings, our team is equipped with the expertise and tools necessary to handle the project with ease at every step of the way. We strive to ensure clients are more than satisfied with the final results while staying within budget and on schedule.

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We work to ensure that the exhibit of your next expo or trade show impresses everyone that visits. Whether you just want to improve upon your existing exhibition or would like to start entirely from scratch, we create designs that impress.

We have years of experience working with companies across a multitude of industries, each with their own specialized goals and ideas for their exhibition. Our team of exhibition experts works to stay up-to-date with the latest design trends, so your final exhibition is a real work of structural art.

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Fit your store with the latest in retail furnishings to give your customers the best shopping experience available. Our team of shopfitting professionals at Orion Construction have worked on countless stores and know what it takes to create a welcoming and safe atmosphere for customers.

We can install large furnishings, light fixtures, and even drywall and plaster on any size shop with the care and professionalism needed to ensure the work lasts for years to come.

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Whether your building needs only minor repairs or regular ongoing maintenance, the maintenance professionals at Orion Construction will ensure that your building is in tip-top shape while meeting the most current building codes, so you don't get flagged by an inspector.

Whatever sized building, we are equipped and more than ready to maintain your office building, school, hospital, or small business with professional maintenance services that will correct past issues and prevent any potential structural damages.

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